Customer Focused

AME offers an ideal service to those that own and operate multiple race cars. We offer a fixed price monthly service where up to 3 of your cars can be stored and worked on in our fully Equipped race workshops. For a fixed monthly charge you will have a dedicated AME technician with two post ramp in our workshop being project managed by our skilled engineers and operations director.

This allows our customers to budget precisely what they will spend each month on their pride and joy confident in the knowledge that AME can deliver what they wish at the highest quality without compromise.

Development Focused

AME has assisted some of the most prestigious development houses and vehicle manufacturers to achieve fast reliable results whilst offering great value. Our engineering experience covers OEM, Aviation, F1 and other high tech industries and allows AME to react quickly to new instructions or directions as they arise.

AME has assisted in the development and production of Powertrains, chassis components, electronic systems, data acquisition and durability testing.
Road Vehicle Development.

Motorsport Focused

Every member of the AME team is passionate about motorsport. AME has built and developed race cars from bare shells as well as re-engineering existing chassis to lower lap times, increase reliability and win races. Our success each season is a testament to our abilities.

Racecar Preparation & Testing

AME can prepare your race car to the highest standard leaving you the envy of the pit lane and paddock. From historic racecars to brand new race car conversions AME can provide the skills and service that you need to compete at the highest level.

AME provides full dyno and track testing services to ensure your project is reliably tested and ready for the track. Our documentation sets us apart with all cars having their own operations manual and customised documented preparations.


AME offers renovation of classic and modern high value cars. With our keen eye for detail and dedication to quality we will deliver you the car you deserve. We are experienced in full drive in restorations as well as taking on a semi completed projects.

Wiring Looms

AME offers the highest Quality wiring looms to our customers. Our looms are made to be reliable, functional whilst keeping the aesthetics as high as possible. We can make looms for all vehicles and provide documentation with each one to ensure ease of installation and operation.


You can contact our team on 01 327 349 938 or at